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Greetings Covenant Pastors,

Welcome to Developing Champions Covenant Ministries!  It is with much pleasure that I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  You have been Divinely
Connected to a movement of God designed to equip and  empower Pastors with methods and strategies that get results. 

There is no shortage of God's Word, but there is a  vast shortage of results!  We preach, we have seminars, conferences, prayer meetings and many other programs in an attempt to gain the advantage over obstacles in  our ministries.  God has instructed me to give Kingdom of God principles through practical teaching that are already getting results in the business arena.

You won't get nationally known preachers or renown speakers of the Gospel, but what you will get is cutting edge knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of  principles and how to apply them in your local assemblies.  You can look forward to effective leadership seminars scheduled each quarter of the year.  You can also expect monthly skill  building concepts to further develop your leaders and strengthen the unity among your inner  circle. 

Also look forward to scheduled phone conferences among the Pastors within the  connection to discuss relevant and timely challenges that may be common among our ministries.  We will learn how to strengthen our infrastructures and build a solid synergistic leadership team who are ready to take on and overcome the challenges we face in this post modern society. 

Get ready to be equipped and empowered to transform minds and develop champions who are prepared to achieve goals and  reach standards of excellence necessary to bring your ministry to the forefront and fulfill your God Given assignment.

Dr. Norman Hardman

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